Nurse Elizabeth

Nurse Elizabeth

Scheduled Health Events


  • Pre K Screenings (vision, hearing, height, weight, blood pressure)


  • Dental Screenings
  • Health Hero Flu Vaccine Clinc

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Day and I am the full-time school nurse at Just 4. I am here to care for students when they are not feeling well or need first aid treatment. I am also here for students who have medical needs or need medications. I love all of our baby jaguars here at Just 4! 

If you have a student who will need medications while at school, make sure and have their doctor fill out the “PPA” form. All medications must be brought to the nurse’s office by a parent or guardian. They cannot be sent in the student’s book bag or given to the teacher.

If you have a student with dietary allergies, have their doctor fill out the “diet prescription” form so that the cafeteria staff can follow those needs. 

If you have a student with medical needs that may require them to miss school more frequently, have their doctor fill out the “chronic ailment” form. This will allow the student the necessary excused absences due to their medical needs.



Murphy High School

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree from Spring Hill College